Auburn Municipal Airport (S50)
Auburn, Washington (253) 333-6821
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Noise Complaint

Is there a legal minimum altitude that airplanes can fly over residential areas?

Federal Aviation Regulations specify a minimum altitude of 1,000 feet over congested areas and 500 feet over non-congested areas. The exception to this rule are helicopters and aircraft that are in the process of taking off or landing.

What can the Airport do to keep airplanes from flying over my neighborhood?

In an odd "Catch 22,", the Airport is responsible for airport noise but has absolutely no control over how and where the aircraft fly. Once the wheels of the aircraft leave the pavement, the aircraft is under the control of the Federal Aviation Administration. 

 Federal Aviation Administration Flight Standards District Office 425-227-1813
 (weekdays only-leave message evenings/weekends) 

Why is there airplane traffic during the middle of the night?

Auburn Municipal Airport is open 24 hours a day.  A large portion of our overnight flights are also air-ambulance flights transporting patients, blood, or organs to points throughout the state and country.  Additionally, law enforcement and news media also use the airport regularly at night.

What are the routes airplanes are requested to fly?
Aircraft that fly in and out of Auburn are supplied with the file below which explains the recommended use of the Auburn Airport. 

Auburn Airborne & Noise Complaint Form

Please use this from regarding complaints of aircraft noise in and around the Auburn area and airport.

What type of aircraft was causing the problem?


 Single Engine Airplane

 Jet Aircraft

 Twin Engine Airplane




Please give the exact time of day and date.

What was the aircraft doing at the time of the incident?

 Flying low

 Remaining in local area, circling


Has this happen before?



Please give an address of the
incident and direction of flight.

Color of aircraft and registration number if able,
please be accurate as possible.

Is this the first complaint you have made regarding aircraft noise?



Any other information that you feel would benefit airport management in researching this complaint.

Should we have further questions regarding this incident please leave your name and email address?


E-mail Address

Thank you for your time. Airport management will use this information to help inform both based and
surrounding pilots to have a fly friendly attitude while flying in the area. If we suspect a specific FAA violation
has happened we will forward this form to the local FAA office, which may or may not result in an investigation.

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