Auburn Municipal Airport (S50)
Auburn, Washington (253) 333-6821
Avgas: $4.99Credit,  $4.89Cash

Open Hangars

Open Hangars............Click HERE for Current Rates. 

All terms are month to month and require deposits. Leases start on the 1st and the 15th of each month. A 30 day written notification for termination is required to avoid being charged for an entire month.

The basic dimensions are w40'x d31'x h10'. This type of hangar space offers a great value if compared to tie-down spaces and fully enclosed hangars. Your aircraft is able to remain out of the hard rains, snow, hail and the dangerous UV rays encountered from direct sunlight. Imagine pre-flights without having to use an umbrella. Each Open "T" Hangar have either a utility or security light for night operations. Many have electrical plugs for light duty maintenance or during the winter months the use of oil warmers or trickle chargers. You'll usually have a choice of south or north facing hangar, either one has its own advantages.

As of 7/01/16, we have 0 available for Rent.  Wait list is available for a $50.00 fee

Click here for rental forms and information

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