Want to Base your Aircraft at Auburn?

Auburn Municipal Airport has a wide variety of Aircraft Storage options from Public to Privately owned Hangar Rows. Currently, the City of Auburn is at capacity for all Enclosed and Open hangars with a 50+ person waiting list (the wait list is shorter for the open-T Hangars). Tie down spaces are both plentiful and readily available for Rent.

Storage Options Available

Enclosed Hangars


 Plenty of room for your airplane. Hangars are fully enclosed and secure. Each hangar has lights and electrical receptacle. 

Open Hangars


 This type of hangar space offers a great value if compared to tie-down spaces and fully enclosed hangars. Your aircraft is able to remain out of the hard rains, snow, hail and the dangerous UV rays encountered from direct sunlight. 

Tie Down


 Auburn Airport has plenty of tie-down space to choose from. Easy access through our electric security gate(s) and convenient parking at your aircraft allows for easy tenant access.  

Storage Space


Various sizes of storage spaces are available.  These are not large enough for aircraft but will hold plenty of extra things such as boxes, tools or parts.

Future Expansion


We are always open to new business ideas and other development opportunities for Auburn Municipal Airport. Send more info to airport@auburnwa.gov or call 253-333-6821.

Wait List and Rates


If interested in an Open or Enclosed T-Hangar, fill out our wait list form and we will contact you as soon as a hangar is available. See below for current list order.

Open and Enclosed T-Hangar Wait List



Open and Closed Wait List (Last Updated 8/22/2019

1. Kilpatrick, J - Closed

2. Friedman, R – Closed

3. Kutz, L - Closed

4. Thiel, G - Closed

5. West-Jaeger, D & C - Closed

6. Sessler, J - Closed

7. Fish, J - Closed

8. Needham, G – Closed

9. Boettcher, R - Closed

10. Birkhofer, T - Closed

11. Johnson, P - Closed

12. Hubbell, R - Closed

13. Gurevich, A - Closed

14. Jones, F/S - Closed

15. Steinman, J - Closed

16. Reber, R - Closed

17. Rampersad, C –Closed

18. Clark, D – Closed

19. Voloshin, V - Closed

20. LaGasse, M – Open and Closed

21. Nourish, B - Closed

22. Moran, R – Closed

23. Leaf, J - Closed

24. Deutscher-Berg, A/R - Closed

25. Norling, J – Open and Closed

26. Davis, T - Closed

27. Todd, NW - Closed

28. Grillos, E - Closed

29. Whimpey, L – Closed

30. Radford, D- Closed

31. Barrett, B - Closed

32. McKenna, G - Closed

33. Stout, D – Closed

34. Anderson, T – Open and Closed

35. Sloan, D – Open and Closed

36. Robbins, E - Open

37. Dylag, A – Open and Closed

38. Manoachrian, A - Closed

39. Nenmo, R – Open and Closed

40. Wright, S - Open

41. Danz, F - Open

42. Broeckling, K - Open

43. Sutherland, J – Open and Closed

44. LaHaye, R – Open and Closed

45. Hubbard, M – Open and Closed

46. Samuel, T – Open and Closed

47. Powell, D – Closed

48. Pearson, A – Open/Closed

49. McLain, C – Open/Closed

50. Pebworth, J- Open/Closed 

51. Wyatt, J- Open

52. Ellison, C- Open

53. Wallace, Rick – Open/Closed

54. Jones, Chris – Open/Closed

55. Smutny, John – Open

56. Shepard, Logan – Open

57. Bianchi, Jeff – Closed

58. Seidel, Peter – Open/Closed

59. Raissis, Nick - Open